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Release 4.1.9

Update [sign in to see URL] is now available with the following changes:

* Improved compatibility with OS X Mavericks
* Fixed a rare issue with printouts having an incorrect scale
* The Railset Editor could cause an error message on Mavericks

The following libraries have been updated:

- Kato Unitrack N
- Peco N Finescale
- Peco N SeTrack
- Tomix N
- Egger H0e
- LUNA Tram
- MBT-Hof Tramline H0
- Heyn Feldbahn 45mm
- Piko G
- Fenbo
- Mega Bloks
- Peco SM-32
- Plarail Tomy
- TGauge
- Transformer

(updated since Release [sign in to see URL])
- Kato Unitrack N
- Peco N SeTrack
- Heyn Feldbahn 45mm
- TGauge

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RailModeller - The model railroad layout design package for the Mac

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